Feature List
Build Better Customer Experiences with Liferay

Deliver exceptional customer service faster and more efficiently

Make your customers and the teams who serve them more efficient by personalizing support experiences, simplifying self-service, and centralizing resources and tools on a single platform.

Putting the Customer First

Broadcom Creates a Single Place for Customers to Get the Resources They Need

Months to Launch
Reduced Clicks

Provide Convenient Self-Service

Alleviate your support team from repetitive tasks and reduce cost-to-serve by empowering your customers to do more on their own.

Order & Shipping

Place an order, process a return, or check the status of a shipment.

Service & Warranty

Create a service ticket, make a warranty claim, and schedule or update an appointment.

Profile & Payments

Update personal profile, preferences, and payment information.

Secure Documents

Access sensitive documents such as contracts or statements securely.

Finding Answers

Make Answers Easy to Find

Provide customers with relevant support information faster.

Tailored Search

Results based on users purchase history, user preferences, or profile information.

Integrated Chatbots

Guide users to the product information they need or transfer them to a live rep if needed.

Knowledge Bases

Organize articles, onboarding materials, and frequently asked questions.

User Forums

Allow users to get answers from other customers.


Onboard Customers Faster

Help get customers to value faster with a platform that personalizes the onboarding experience and streamlines common processes.

Onboarding Journeys

Journey mapping for creating personalized step-by-step onboarding experiences for your customers at scale.

Content Curation

Segmentation to curate relevant product information for different types of customers automatically.

Process Automation

Process automation, such as reviewing and approving documents, verifying customer identity, and sending out notifications.

User Permissions

Role-based permissioning to control what different types of users can see or do on your site.


Connect Systems to Streamline Access to Tools
and Information

Integrate your portal with key service tools, such as ticketing, ordering, and e-learning systems, to provide your
customers and teams a single gateway to the resources they need.

Single Sign-On

Allow users to log into your portal once and access everything they need in one place.

Rep Assistance

Display multiple systems' data for reps to quickly assist users.

Customer Dashboards

Display all content related to a customer's purchases (ex. FAQs, documentation, demos, videos) in one place.

Content Management

Make it Easy to Keep Your Portal Current and Plan Improvements

Keep your customer portal up to date without needing to ask IT for help.

CMS Efficiency

Industry-leading CMS enables non-technical users to create and update content quickly with templates, visual editors, and AI-assisted content generation.

Knowledge Base

Let your team create, organize, and display articles, professional product documentation, and training material.

Analytics Insight

Built-in analytics track content performance to help prioritize content improvements.

SLA Monitor

SLA tracker monitors service level agreements and identifies areas for improvement.

Cross-Industry Effectiveness with Liferay

Organizations in manufacturing, financial services, government and other industries use Liferay to serve their customers more effectively. Learn how through these case studies:

Putzmeister achieves 80% faster onboarding with self-service customer portal

Faster User onboarding
Reduced Effort for Data Maintenance
Reduced Effort for Back-End Admin

Qatar Stock Exchange users skyrocket 273% with integrated self-service solution

Faster User onboarding
Increase in Site Traffic

Nearly a half million residents use the city of Bristol's citizen portal to get government services

Access for Citizens
Weeks to Launch Beta